Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cross Stitch Love

I have not slept for more than a 2 hour stretch in a solid month now. It's getting ridiculous. If I take my pills for it, I have constant migraines that cannot be relieved by any over the counter pain medications (and TRUST ME, I'VE TRIED). If I don't, I'm either a) a complete nutcase or b) a dragging-my-feet zombie. Grr...I may have to watch more episodes of Intervention on A&E just so I can raise my general self-esteem.

Work is...what it is (aka iPod support). I'm in a teeny-tiny training group (haha, go alliteration!). I am the only female and it's definitely slow until you get out on the floors. Sleep-inducing slow perhaps...maybe I can get a doctor's note that I should be sent there in order to fall asleep on the table, as it sure as hell isn't going to happen here. On the plus side, I am totally packing goodies tonight to keep me entertained. And maybe 7.7 sweaters as it's FREEZING in there. I have Raynaud's syndrome as it is, and being stationary in there even bundled up to my neck left me with the inability to feel any of my fingers and toes.

I debated making a list of things I would rather do than be at work (e.g. - sit on the couch with tea and blog, be eaten to death by crocodiles, etc...) but that seemed a little extreme so I'm going to give it a few days.

I'm going to go back to my needlepoint like the little-old-lady I am. Some pretty cross-stitch pictures to admire (click on photo for link, as until I rewrite a website I can't change the width of this column!):


By the way, mine is not even remotely as cool as these are.


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