Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day Off!!!

I am blogging from the road today. A new frontier . The final frontier. Ok, got a bit carried away there as that is space.

I asked my boyfriend for something I could use to discuss on the blog today. He said “I’m thinking about how cool viruses are.” And then rapidly changed to a conversation about how cold it is and how much he would like to punch Jack Frost in the balls and make them shatter into tiny little ball fragments. To be honest, I can’t even feel my hands enough to fathom that act in the first place.

Then he sees a helicopter in the air and yells HELICOPTERRRRRRRRRRRRRR and points. Secretly, (or not so secretly), he’s still a 4-year-old boy who can now drive and live on his own. He is now stuck residing with my crazy ass. I’m not sure if this is a great contribution to his life or a detriment. I’m going to go with me FTW.

We’re going to go get winter tires put on the car. In Montague. Why we had to go to Montague I’m not entirely sure. After last night, I definitely need them though. I went to drop off my new friend Colin after our work shift ended, and I totally got stuck in his driveway. I revved the hell out of the engine, spun the tires, he pushed...and it was all to no avail. I did get out eventually though so there is a happy ending to this story. Although then I went to pick up my boyfriend and almost ran over seven less-than-smart young males going to the VUG. I suppose by killing them I could have done them a favour, as it would have saved them from the potential STD’s they were going catch over the course of the evening anyways.

Hahahahahaha...I said I was having textual diarrhoea and my boyfriend was like, “you and every other blog that exists...A BURN”. I was amused. As it is SO TRUE. I write this information like anyone cares, but really it’s just to keep any semblance of my own sanity, which is grasping at straws to begin with.

I took a bunch of sedatives last night and I am not so much with the awake. I haven’t had my morning coffee either, as apparently we were in too much of a rush to stop. We still might not get there on time. As a result, I look like an un-showered, un-makeuped, crackwhore. I am not actually a crackwhore, so no one reading this needs to be alarmed and tell my mom haha.
Anyways, just trying to keep with the whole updating once a day business!


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