Friday, December 18, 2009

Love Me Fridays

It's time for Love Me Fridays!

Although this week things in my life have been crashing miserably to shit, there is always a silver lining to the clouds...or so "they" say.

So let me get started - things this week that I'm loving instead of wanting to beat with a shovel:

  • My flannel snowflake sheets. It's like -30 degrees in my apartment no matter what we set the temperature to, so the soft warmth of these sheets is really bringing the joy and lessening some of the pain. Plus they have multicolored snowflakes on them, and really, what's not to love about that?
  • My new iPod Touch, which I am technically not supposed to have for another week, but have been granted an early Christmas exception {thank you Jonathan!! <3}
  • The fact that my mother is coming to town to help me with the fact that I have at least a month's worth of laundry built up. Way to go me!
  • It's my last 1 a.m. shift tonight! Jon and I should be able to stop fighting over stupid things caused by sleep deprivation! Plus I have the weekend off for lazy activities.
  • Making a new friend :). This happens pretty rarely, so I might as well love it while it does. Plus he seems to be able to start my breaking down car when I can't, so he gets bonus points for that.
  • The fact that we will soon have two incomes and be able to actually afford things. Hopefully they'll even be nice things.
andddd...that's about as far as I can stretch it today. I should at least get kudos for trying to be positive haha.
I'll round the rest out with pictures <3.>


Elizabeth, Ontario, Canada said...

It's a great idea to designate certain days as themes! I was thinking of having my Friday as Fibro "Bitch" Friday but I like your idea better. lol. Need to stay positive!

I am sorry you had a crappy week, those times it is so difficult to focus on the positive.

Yeah for an ipod touch! My son has one and I love it - thankfully he is very generous and lets me use it!

Ok, i am rambling here! Just also wanted to say I think the comics you post are great.

Sarah said...

It's Friday and I love you!!

elisabeth said...

I hear you on hunting for those silver linings- I think we need a special metal-detector some days, lol Looks like you came up with some good ones though, and hope that things only get better!

Assiya said...

Yay for finding the positive! Also, love those drawings and cartoons :)

Annie said...

Aww, so many blog comments in one day...
I heart all of you <3

This is another thing to love :)