Saturday, December 5, 2009

List Time! Things That Suck

Well so much for the leisurely but poor lifestyle of my unemployment.

I went out and procured myself a job yesterday, and got virtually nothing on my to-do list done otherwise. Well, I bought a Pyrex casserole dish, but it doesn't count as a thing as it makes me feel 50, instead of the spry young woman that I am. Ha. Spry. Like that ever happens. It's 5:16 a.m. on my second night of not sleeping. Not feeling super spry.


Enough about that. The job is at a call center. Good to know all of my extensive education is being put to ultimate creative usage. On the plus side, even more of my time will be spend wandering the Internet!

So on that note, I think it's time for an early morning list to follow up the lovely combo of painkillers and relaxants I just took:

Things That Suck (in no particular order...)
  • People who are mean
  • People who are close-minded (so upsetting!)
  • Money wasted on cigarettes (although I've been known to do it in the past...)
  • Having to pay bills/subsequently work to pay bills
  • Illness
  • On a lesser note, periods.
  • Food epically stuck on pans that boyfriend leaves not in the sink
  • Traffic...road rage anyone?
  • Not being able to go anywhere without a passport.
  • The lack of self-discipline to spend less time online and more time doing productive cooking, cleaning, and having a life hahahaha.
  • Immature adults who don't warn you about the fact that their business is going to fold.
  • Shipping costs with UPS
  • Not being able to be magically good at things without hard, old-fashioned work.
  • Cankers. Ow.
  • Having Celiac Disease and watching other people eat pizza. I don't know why pizza is always the one that gets the envy in me going, but my god, I practically want to maul them for it.
  • Slow Internet! Anytime I'm brought near anything that's not high-speed and wifi, I gag a little in my mouth.
  • How lonely it is at night while everyone else sleeps.
  • Cystic acne. Like come on, I'm not in my teenage years anymore!
  • Milk. Oddly enough, that stuff turns my stomach.
  • Advertisements on the radio. I know, I know, this stuff has to get paid for somehow. But nothing will ruin your groove faster than a series of ads for things in which you have absolutely no interest.
  • Hunger. This is currently in expression as to how I feel right now. It could be remedied but seems like it would take a fair amount of effort.
  • Judgment from other people. My life may not be as stereotypical as some, but that doesn't mean it's any less important or that I'm an epic weirdo. Well the last part might be true, but who cares? I've still found people that like me.
Well that was a reasonably large rant. I am such a list addict.

Speaking of which, GREAT LINK for you if you haven't checked this out already.

And just for fun, two things that amuse me:

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