Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hit Another Brick Wall

I have searched all of the job boards.
I have made lists of places I would be willing to work.
I will shortly get on the printing of resumes... (some which look smart, and other's which are dumbed down so I don't get the YOU ARE TOO EDUCATED TO WORK HERE comments).
I figure I will go up around the mall and drop some off tonight. Retail always needs extra Christmas people don't they???
I should also call the call centers of Charlottetown...they also like to snatch people up and make them work painful positions.

I am sad. I feel like my life can dip no lower. On the plus side, my health has been somewhat better than it's been the last few months, so I'll hold on to that pretty thought. Plus, I have a boyfriend that beats all other boyfriends.

Now for pretty pictures from google images in the hopes of cheering me up: (can I look like Anne Hathaway please??? Also I could really go for that perfume).

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