Friday, December 11, 2009

Exploding Dog Love

I had a bit of a meltdown last night, but I think things are back to being okay again. I'm not adjusting well to this whole full-time work while all the other people I know are out and about having fun scenario. Oh well, one needs the money to survive. I like to eat. I don't get to eat enough most of the time with the whole Celiac Disease business, but still.



Ok. I'm good now.

Plus, I'm really learning to be into Macs, the more time I spend with them. I see an expensive MacBook Pro purchase in my future. Mmmmmmmmm. Technologies. I'm counting down the days til Christmas so I can get my hands on my iPod Touch. Speaking of which, someone I know named their's Tom's Touch and I can't help but feel like that is creepy and sexual.

This post is going to be devoted to my mad love for ExplodingDog.

I hope you few people who read my blog have a MARVELOUS weekend! Let me know what you're doing!


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