Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lazy Sunday Links

So my apartment is cold. Like frigid cold. Like wear a parka while heating soup on the stove cold. Like might as well be an igloo cold. Like makes me want to use it as an excuse to never again get out of bed cold. I have no idea why as we have the heat absolutely cranked. Maybe this is what they try to do when they tell you they'll cover heating and hot water...basically you freeze to death and have maximum 6 minute showers with warm water.

I have a feeling I'm going to have to start making some angry phone calls.

Link time for anyone half as weird as me!

Flickr What's in Your Bag - I can peruse the pictures and listed contents of all sorts of people's daily bags. I don't know why but this both a) reminds me of practical things I should have and b) gives me validation that the things I have in my purse are acceptable to the common public.

Also check out Toothpaste for Dinner. It makes me giggle.

I'm making the update from my Zune to the iPod Touch over the next couple of weeks. Then hopefully I will be able to get a MacBook Pro in my hands. Mmmm technology. So goodz. I would like this shiny gold one please.

Happy Lazy Sunday!


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