Monday, December 14, 2009

Things That Bug Me Mondays

Somehow it ended up being Monday again. Against my will. Go figure.

Now as a real girl, with a real full-time job, I get to do my time throughout the week.

So I'm thinking as a result of making this blogging habit a daily one, I should come up with some repeatable features for the days. I'm thinking Monday works out pretty well for things currently getting under my skin. Or getting my goat. I still have a couple minutes on the fly here to come up with a brilliant and clever title. Ha.

I'm going with...Bug Me Mondays and Love Me Fridays. Neither one of these are clever, but it's the morning so stick with me.

Things That Bug Me This Week:
  • Nosebleeds. Like come on Winter, why do you refuse to be my friend?
  • Asking for two winter tires and them putting on four and charging me a fortune.
  • Not being covered for medical under my common-law's plan, even though I thought I would COME ON! My meds cost a fortune and a half!
  • The fact that I haven't done laundry in three weeks. This is entirely my bad as I am a lazy ass.
  • Cystic acne that refuses to go away. Makeup helps my self-esteem, but jeez louise, I'll soon be spending as much on makeup as on my pills.
  • {contribution by gtalk from my boyfriend} - people who want reports when he doesn't want to prepare them.
  • The fact that I've had sore lymph nodes and a scratchy throat for weeks but instead of developing into anything, it's merely become my new way of life.
  • Not having a good bus system here in Charlottetown. Like seriously, if it didn't suck so much I could just hop on a bus to go to work instead of having to play juggle the car with the man.
  • My six minute maximum of hot shower water in the apartment.
Okay that's probably enough of being realistic {pessimistic...} for one Monday. Please someone leave me a comment, it's lonely here in blogland!!

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