Sunday, December 6, 2009

Officially Winter Now

First big snowfall of the year today. I got nailed by a snowball to the face by my beloved boyfriend. I may have to demote him from being beloved now haha.

I'm watching the movie Precious. It's making me thankful for just about everything in my life. This movie could function as both a perfect pick me up when you want to prove to yourself that it can always be worse, or an absolute dismal source of depression when you think of the horrible and manipulative nature of humans.

Jon's Haiku about Precious:

tragic pregnant girl
triumphs over parents' abuse
touching tale for all

He makes me laugh.

I've had to start up on a drug I'm not a particularly big fan of again. I tried and tried and tried to avoid it, but sometimes these things just end up out of your control. As a result, I'm moderately sleepy and dopey.

Soon we're going to have two incomes!!! EEEEEE so excited to be able to buy things. Like new comforters for the bed. As we are ghetto-ish with the 10+ year old bed.

Also, Bent Objects is absolutely hilarious and I highly recommend everyone go over there for a pick-me-up.

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