Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The migraines are back with a vengeance. I have a pulsating vice grip on my head from the time I go to sleep to the time I get up again in the morning. It never really goes away, no matter what I take for it anymore. Maybe it's time to bump up the Gabapentin. Either way, it is making for a cranky ALL the time girl, because I am so nauseous and my eyes are burning.

I don't think the boyfriend is so excited about this. Alas, I have never figured out quite what is causing them. My current work hours are killing both of us, as he has a tendency to wait up to see me when I get home in the middle of the night, only for us to both get up at 8 a.m.
(I am not a doctor, so don't take any of this to be what you should naturally do haha...)
  1. Pills. First and foremost, I take Gabapentin for Fibromyalgia but as a side effect it seemed to clear up my daily migraines...this has since seemed to level off much to my dismay. Otherwise, Tylenol Extra Strength with Caffeine is really the only other medication that can seem to make a dent in them. Advil Liquigels are often recommended to me, but I don't find they help much.
  2. Ice packs/cold facecloths/warm facecloths. Do I think these do anything but distract me from the pain somewhat? No. But distraction is much appreciated in these circumstances.
  3. Lowering the lights/noise. This will make it less like I want to spaz out and hurt everything around me, but when I'm at work and whatnot, it's sadly not an option.
  4. Crack open a diet coke or have a coffee. Seriously...caffeine is where it is at for treatment options. However, don't let this become a habit and end up having caffeine withdrawal headaches.
  5. Gravol or a stronger antiemetic (in my case) can help relieve some of the nausea, as nothing is going to be made to feel any better until you can keep some food down.
  6. When all this is said and done, or if it becomes a common state of life, I just try to keep my obligations to a minimum and set myself up in a comfortable place and surround myself with things that make me feel better in general. Plus, I try to constantly remind myself that there are people much worse off so I should be thankful for my life.
Anyone have any other advice? It would be much appreciated.



elisabeth said...

I'm still catching up on your medical history so please excuse me if this is an ignorant question, but have you asked a doc about your migraines? I found that a few simple things (like an ergonomic pillow) made a world of difference for me, and my doc helped me work out a treatment schedule that helps my migraines a lot (for example, congestion was one of my triggers, so a sudafed and an ibuprofin works better than an excedrine migraine did, without the caffiene reliance or having to worry about building a tolerance, which sounds like what might be happening to you).

Annie said...

Hi Elisabeth,
I have asked a doctor about my migraines...I've asked them about everything. They don't have a whole lot of answers for me, but many of my migraines seem to be hormonal in nature, as a result of polycystic ovarian syndrome...and sometimes as a side effect of the meds used for my other illnesses.
I understand that caffeine reliance and tolerance is no fun, but compared to my alternatives and the fact that it actually does work, makes me inclined to stick with it.

Thanks for showing me that my comments work now! :)

Assiya said...
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Assiya said...
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Assiya said...

I'm sorry your migraines have been worse.I don't know your medical history and I'm not a doctor, but since you asked... I'm always surprised by how many pills are out there--both preventative and abortive. If you can afford to and haven't tried them all, perhaps trying more perscription meds (preventative and/or abortive)? Birth control can also help if your migraines are caused by hormones, but I don't know how the POS would fit in with that.

Please let me know how you are doing if you want to talk to someone or if you ever need an ear.

Annie said...

Thanks Assiya,

You never know, I may take you up on that haha.

I'm getting my prescriptions today - Gabapentin being the most important - which has a tendency to control both the Fibromyalgia and the migraines. I was on birth control for 9 years, but I'd first like to try and find a solution to my hormonal problem before jumping right on the bandwagon again. I get to see a new doctor in January so who knows?! Maybe 2010 will be my year.

Assiya said...

Hope the doctor goes well for you :)

Annie said...

Thanks! <3

Wacky Lisa said...

Have you kept a headache diary to try to find any 'triggers' that might be controllable? Some triggers, like weather, aren't. But things like aged cheese, chocolate, and fermented foods can be avoided.

Also, has your doctor talked to you about an abortive like Imitrex? Some heart conditions would rule out triptans but they really have changed my life.

In terms of coping... pressure helps me. So I if I can attach the ice pack to my head with an ace bandage that pressure can help ease the pain.

I have a soft cervical collar that sometimes helps me.

Earplugs, sleepshade, a small bucket (like the ones used for easter or halloween), and a supply of crackers or similar plain snack tend to be what I reach for.

I just noticed you mentioned daily migraines that you are treating w/ OTC meds. I think someone else mentioned this but you might be experiencing rebound headaches and might want to talk to your doc about how to break that cycle if he/she thinks it is happening.