Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sleepy Worries

For some odd reason, I am 800 thousand times more tired during the day than I am at night.
I know this is a common complaint among insomniacs but it's driving me crazy.

I am at work and contemplating falling asleep in the chair.

Question for my fibromyalgia affected friends -

Does anyone else get waves of exhaustion that are so extreme that it is painful to be awake? I can be in a grocery store, at work, or even at home and just get hit with a 20-30 minute hit of something that can't even be called being tired. I slump down, the room starts to spin and I see double, and the whole thing is rather inconvenient and kind of scary.

I hate not knowing what is wrong with me sometimes...you never know whether it is something that you should check out further, or if it is just a silly side effect of some drug (as I take an annoying amount).


Elizabeth, Ontario, Canada said...

I definitely get extreme, body jolting waves of tiredness - and it is usually during the day, never in the evening when I want to rest.

I often feel like my head and body are so heavy I just have to sit down, and my eyes get blurry and are begging to be closed.

I often wonder if it is because of something I have eaten - but it seems to happen sporadically no matter what. And it is different from tiredness from medication because it seems to hit out of nowhere then recede after an hour or so.

Sorry, rambling on but I know what you are describing!

Annie said...

I've wondered if it's from something I've eaten, or if I'm crashing from too much sugar or something as well. I don't seem to have any control of when or where it will happen, so I really have no idea what I'm dealing with.

Thanks Elizabeth for letting me know I'm not the only one!


elisabeth said...

I don't have fibro but I do get waves as well. Usually fatigue is associated with my anemia or hypothyroidism, but it comes with RA too so it's hard to tell what's causing what (oh, is it ever!). But sometimes it comes on so strong there's no word for it except bone-tired exhaustion- when you're too tired to even sit in a chair. I've had no luck finding triggers either, but wow it makes lying down feel awesome, lol. Happy new year!

Annie said...

Haha yeah it definitely makes lying down feel great. I swear I could be laying on concrete and it would still be necessary.

Happy New Year to you too Elisabeth!

Stephanie Lynn said...

I also get waves of tiredness throughout the day to where if I don't rest for a minute or two I can't function. I can't even see straight to talk to someone. I also get very distant.

I, too, have fibromyalgia, as well as, Insomnia. I take medication for both and neither seem to help much.

So, You're not the only one! ;o)

InvsWmn said...

Have you been evaluated for dysautonomia?