Thursday, December 3, 2009

Doing The Wallow

So, in my state of feeling moderately depressed I have done a fair amount of moping today.

Case in fact:

Sleeping til 1 p.m.
Not doing the dishes.
Watching episode after episode of Hoarders [THIS SHOW IS INSANE!! It kicks every organizational trait in my body into super high gear].
Ate soup out of a can so not having to actually prepare food.
Went to the store, walked out because I felt people were judging me for what I was wearing {forgive me, I get a little extra sensitive when sad about other things}.
Proceeded to lay on the couch again, watch Run Fatboy Run, and eat an entire box of bacon-wrapped scallops.

And here we are.

Now I'm thinking maybe I will use this unemployment time to break open the culinary flood gates. It's been awhile since I cooked anything elaborate.

Favorite link of all:

It's like food porn.

Just thought the world needed more emphasis on this.

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