Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Picture Post

I'm thinking, since it's hump day and all, that it's time for something a little more cheery on this little ol' blog of mine.

I debated doing a crazy rant about yesterday was hilarious in a bad way...but no.

My poor blog readers will think I'm ready to hop off a 6th story building here if I don't liven it up a bit (I know that seems like a small building, but it's seriously around as big as they grow them down here in Prince Edward Island haha).


A) How i feel 99.9% of the time:

B) I got a new iPod touch and every cat I run into is all over climbing on my technology.

C) I saw paperweights that look like these at Winners. I wanted them so bad. I have not buying remorse.
D) A horribly funny, and yet plain horribly inappropriate youtube video by Andy Samberg that I will recommend googling at your own risk.
E) MY FAVORITE GAME! No one plays Boggle with me anymore, thank God for Bookworm.

I would post more but I am running dangerously close to being late for work.


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