Saturday, February 20, 2010

Appointment Update!

So I had my doctor's appointment.

Maybe I'm just too excited about seeing Shutter Island later, but the Hillsborough Hospital scares the bajeepers out of me.  Even though it's in use, it manages to feel abandoned.  There is virtually nothing on the walls and the vibes given off by everything are so negative.  Plus it is designed like a maze, which is not good for me when I have the memory of a goldfish.  By my description, you can tell I was having a nervy spaz before I even saw the doctor.

On the plus side...he was nice!  He took me very seriously, and asked a lot of questions not asked by my other doctors.  He chose not to prescribe any new medications, but bumped up another appointment to a month from now.  A CT scan is going to be ordered for my head so we can see what all is going on in there.

Either way, I am pleasantly surprised to not be passed over again.

I doubt they are going to find anything super explanatory, but at least there is a sense of hope again.

I wish wonderful weekends to everyone!!



Ashley said...

I'm very happy to hear he was taking you seriously! I hope you also have a fantastic weekend. Let me know what you think of Shutter Island as I am also debating going to see it someday soon. I'll see you in a few days!!

Assiya said...

I'm with you on the hospital creeps, I am so not a fan of hospitals! I'm glad you're appointment went well :)

Anonymous said...

You're description of the hospital makes me think of a couple of VA hospitals I have had to go to for treatment. They always felt dark and dismal. I hated going there.

I am glad the doctor was attentive and accommodating, however.

BTW, I love the pic. Your hair color is beautiful, but then I am partial to red tones!

Have a great weekend!

Lori said...

Great picture of you!

Creepy description and, yes, I would have the heeby jeebies and NOT want to see Shutter Island. The commercials scare me enough.

Heather said...

Keep us posted on the CT scan! I love getting tests because I can either 1) get an answer, or 2) rule things out. They're helpful either way - and they're fun, in my opinion, but I'm a dork.

By the way, I know I'm echoing everyone's comments, but lovely picture! I don't want this to come out wrong because you obviously have naturally gorgeous features too, but where in the world did you learn to do your makeup, and can you please teach the rest of us?! I've been trying to make my eyes pop like that for years! :)

Joy said...

That is great news! You can cope with an ugly building when the people are good!
Now I need to go and find out what Shutter Island is...

Annie said...

Thank you everyone!! You are all so lovely.

Joy, Shutter Island is a great movie and a decent book. I highly recommend.

Heather, thank you for the compliment on the makeup!! Makeup is one of the few things I love to help make me look better and maybe then feel better haha. I'd definitely try to get some tips on here :)

Leslie said...

1) You are so pretty! 2) I'm pleased to hear you've had such a (sadly rare) great experience with this new doctor!

Krista said...

This is wonderful news! I do hope his attitude continues on this way. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed and happy thoughts about it in my mind for you.

Oh, and beautiful picture!