Thursday, February 11, 2010

Links Love!

I am failing miserably at keeping myself entertained while trying to adjust to these medication changes.

I am also feeling really, really boring!  Anyone and everyone care to tell me how they spend their 'stuck at home' free time????

Anyways, tis irrelevant, here is a link for all you women in pain:

And another link because it was a shockingly good read:

Is it Funny Today?  In case any of you like to read webcomics!

And a really detailed young fashion site:

Image from WeHeartIt.



Assiya said...

Thanks for the links :)

When I can't really do much, I watch a lot of television. is fabulous. My guilty please is Bad Girls, which is a bbc show about a fictional women's prison. It's now showing on Logo, so you can find most of it at (They also have a certain amount of Buffy.)

I'm sure you know these already, but makes me laugh and is always interesting.

Annie said...

Thanks Assiya, I will have to get into Bad Girls tonight :)

I agree on the other two links for sure.