Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Break Up The Monotony

Whoa!  I feel okay today!  Every time this happens it kind of rocks my world.  I got up, cleaned the apartment, showered, put on nice clothes, and am listening to music :).

I figured I'd post some of my favorite celebrities looking super fierce in black and white:

Miss Scarlett Johansson for being so gorgeous, classic, and femme-fatale-ish.
Brad and Angie...seriously, is there anyone in the world more beautiful??  I love the amount of humanitarian work she does too.  
Meryl Streep!!!  I watched Manhattan and I just can't get enough of this woman's movies :).
And Lady Gaga...who I am moderately in love with.  Her live performances are 800 times better than her recordings, and she is a true artist.  The duet with Elton John at the Grammy's melted my heart.

Hope everyone is having a sunshine-y day!!!!


Leslie said...

It's lovely to hear you're having a wonderful day! :)

Robyn said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're feeling better today-- I love days when I feel productive!

That being said, I also really liked the article you linked on doing nothing. It made me feel better about my lazy snow day. :)

Katie said...

Hi Andrea!
Long, long, long time no talk! I have been creeping your blog and trying to keep up to speed. I am taking a course in personal stress management that I think you could benefit from. Even reading the textbook might help. I can give it to you when I'm done of the course in April (I know...who wants to read a textbook..but it's very interesting and you learn A LOT about yourself!).

After that rant, I also have a website I think you might find inspiring. www.postsecrets.com

Let me know what you think!

Annie said...

Thanks Robyn and Leslie!! It was nice to feel better even if I got ridiculously tired about 4 hours after being up.

Hey Katie!
I am a big fan of personal stress management, and have several books on the subject as well as some therapy sessions. Your book might be different though and I'm always up for learning!

I am a HUGE fan of PostSecret though :)

Thanks for getting in touch!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie, I am so glad you woke up feeling good! I love days like that! Getting so much accomplished is fab-u-lous!

I am sitting in an uncomfortable chair right now trying to type on this laptop. My Mom was admitted yesterday into the hospital because she was so anemic. She got two units of blood to bring up her counts. She's 87 and is tough as nails. This is nothing for her though. It's a big social event for her...she loves all the nurses and aides. She loves to visit! My Sister stayed with her last night and I'm sleeping here tonight and she will probably go home tomorrow.
I'm bored and tired. Keep your fingers crossed that I can get some sleep. I won't take my sleep meds when I am here.

Annie said...

Thanks Maureen, I hope you get some sleep! I don't blame you on not taking the sleeping meds...they can be super evil. I hope your mom feels better soon!!