Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Raising A Little Awareness...

I don't expect many people to watch this as it is 9 minutes long.

But if you want to know more about ME/CFS - this is a really striking video that can help others understand the variety of pain and the stigma we are facing.  The last part gets a bit preachy, but it is still understandable depending on the severity of the illness.


Since that is depressing, I will make the rest of the post more amusing.

Images from ffffound.com

I'm currently trying to fight my way through a massive novel - I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb.

It's almost too heavy to hold up and flip the pages, but the content is making it worth my while.  Sadly, I sometimes get fog and can't remember what I read on the last few pages, but I'm sure it will all come together in the end.  It really hits home with what families go through when a family member is severely mentally ill (assuming your family is moderately dysfunctional and abusive...).

I'm thinking I need a project.  Something to make me convinced that getting out of bed in the morning is a good thing.  This blog is the only thing I accomplish.  Anyone have any good ideas?



Robyn said...

A project? Why, I'm glad you asked, Annie: You should make Skants . Also, if you make a billion dollars on the internet, I would like 10% please. Or a free pair of skants.

You're welcome.

Annie said...

Wow Robyn,

Those things are terrifying :P. But if I can get away with charging $780 bucks a pair, I think we can be set for life! Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

OMG, those skants are so bizare they are bordering on frightening. Then after I looked at skants I went to Amazon to check out the book. I need to wait till later to watch the video...I'm mentally exhausted....much too weird for so early in the morning! I'll check out the video after I wake up...I'm taking a nap.

The last project I attempted was helping my 24 year old son clean his room. I ran out screaming after about 10 minutes. Why are men such pigs? (Yes, he still lives at home, but he works hard and is in school. I'm a softie, I like him here. He cooks!) BUT if I could get him to get rid of his old turtleneck sweaters and hoodies I could make skants and make 780 gajillion dollars overnight! I'll give both of you 10%!!!

elisabeth said...

Good luck with that, Mo! I love my hubby dearly but he had white turtle-neck that are so full of holes I can't believe that still make it through the wash in one piece! And he won't let me mend any of the holes, so eventually one sleeve is going to fall off- no joke! *shakes head*

As for the "skants", the word that comes to mind is "fugly", lol! Tacky *and* impractical! No wonder they cost so much! ;}

As for projects- a friend of mine knits hats and blankets for the homeless. I think that's a brilliant idea- she can work at her own pace. Of course, being able to knit would help...

Annie said...

Hahaha I know what you mean! Poor Jon could care less about the quality of his clothes and where he throws them around the apartment!

That is a brilliant idea Elisabeth, I'll have to start watching how to knit videos on youtube.

dominique said...

I didn't find that video depressing, I found it honest and balanced. I thought it was well done.

Thanks for sharing it.

Sue said...

Hi Annie! I found your blog through "No Extended Warranty". I also didn't find the video depressing. I thought it had some great suggestions for the friends and families of those of us who *really* benefit from even the smallest kindness.

I would recommend plodding along through "This Much I Know is True". It does get pretty heavy at times (in more ways than one) but I loved it. It's still one of my favourite books by Wally Lamb.

Annie said...

Thanks Dominique and Sue! I thought it needed to be seen by some people who often pass off the disease as all being in your head...grrr...

Also, thanks Sue! I will definitely finish the book now - I'm getting more used to it as the pages go by :)

greenwords said...

Love that cartoon with the rabbit and the dog on the couch - so funny! As for the skants: wow, you learn something new every day...

Anonymous said...

Darn...I was sure I posted a comment last night. I'll try again!

Those skants are nasty! Lol! I love the idea about knitting little
project for homeless folks. Crochetting is also an idea. I've known how to knit since I was mega young, and got my Mom to teach me basics with crochetting, and I find it easier on my hands and wrists than knitting. I get a lot of nerve pain.

An idea I wanted to share, is that I've just started teaching myself
how to create graphics in photoshop. Its lots of fun!!!

(((Gentle Hugs)))