Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sugar Doll Award

I got a little pick me up from the wonderful Nancy over at Chronic Connection, as she gave me The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award!  I've never managed to have any of these things thrown my way, so it's kind of exciting :).

In accepting the award, I am to list 10 Things About Myself 

1.  My favorite things in life (minus a few people) are brand new books and glossy magazines.

2.  I am absolutely terrified of becoming stuck in a life like this where I can never fully feel capable of anything.

3.  My boyfriend is my best friend and the funniest person I have ever met.  I met him because of a rather forward phone call on my part and we've really never been apart since.

4.  It often disturbs me that I make more friends and relate better to the young people in the psych ward of a hospital than I do out and about in the world.

5.  I have a fear of food.  

6.  I love daydreaming about indulgent things I could have, places I could go, and lives I could live.  Sometimes I wish I had the energy to write them down because I could be a pretty good storyteller.

7.  I have two tattoos and often want more.

8.  I spend roughly 12 hours a day on the Internet which can't be healthy...but I don't have cable tv, so what's a girl to do?

9.  I have a red birthmark that everyone seems to think is a hickey.

10.  I feel like I have no concept of reality as everything changes from hour to hour.

It is now my turn to shower other fellow bloggers with the Sugar Doll Award.

If I have picked your blog, please post the award on your blog and pay it forward, and then leave a comment on the person’s blog to let them know.  I want to read details about my favorite people!!!

I choose to award:

Elisabeth (Redefining Good)

Hope it brings a little cheer to your day!



dominique said...

What a great way to 'meet' you and get to know you! Congratulations! I will be adding a link to your site to my blog!

Talk to you soon! :-)

Joy said...

The nicest thing about a fellow blogger getting an award (along with getting to know you better) is discovering more interesting blogs! Congratulations on your award!

Robyn said...

Thanks, Annie! I'll be sure to post and pass it on soon. My best friend and I talk about something related to #4 a lot-- we worry that all our most relatable movies and books are about the mentally ill. She often calls me to ask me if she's going crazy for x, y, or z.

#9-- suuuure it's a birthmark. ;-) jk

Annie said...

Thanks Joy!!

And Yay Robyn! I actually had a scene right out of Girl, Interrupted happen to me (getting ice cream on the bus from a pass from the psych ward of the hospital!) and it was the most surreal and hilarious moment ever.

And ha...ha..ha on the latter :P

Shelli said...

Fun list! I've been thinking about your #2 lately -- I've come to realize that I haven't lost any of my talents and abilities, I just have to come up with more creative ways to express them. Still, it would be fun to go out dancing tonight!

And really, is 12 hours a day on the Internet any worse than 12 hours a day staring at the TV? I think not!

Annie said...

Thanks Shelli!

I agree, I would love to go out dancing. Maybe I'll find something on the tv that resembles dancing :P

elisabeth said...

Oh wow- thank you for the award sweetie! And yay- a new chronic illness blog to explore! *hugs*