Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Chilling out on the couch is something I am so good at, I think it deserves awards.  Actually, I just made myself sound lazy and that is the absolute numero uno thing I am terrified that everyone thinks and therefore am paranoid.

I watched The Blind Side not expecting much.  

Holy feel good movie of the year people!  You don't even have to remotely like football to have your heart ripped out, stomped on, and then put back in and made to grow three sizes.  For awhile I was like...Sandra Bullock - Oscar nomination???  She really is something else in this.  

I also saw An Education (also fantastic!!) and have developed the biggest girl crush on Carey Mulligan.  She is so many levels of awesome and also makes me feel wayyy better about rockin' short hair!

Also, lately I have been wishing I could buy absolutely everything off of Anthropologie, but I am poor and make no money.

Internet shopping may be one of the most fun ways to spend one's free immobile time though. 

Random Amusement

Also, if you like hilarious pet videos - this is a good one!



Robyn said...

I love Carey Mulligan! I haven't seen The Education yet though... reading your posts always makes me realize I really need to rent more movies. I tend to take the laziness a step further and just rock out on the couch to a bunch of DVR-ed Project Runways, Chelsea Latelys, and various funny TV shows... Also, I know laziness wasn't really the right word in that last sentence. But sometimes consecutive days of sickness start to feel like that... :-/

Annie said...

Haha, I'm definitely going to be getting some Project Runway for viewing. Without having cable, it's hard to do much other than watch movies. So I watch a LOT.

I also love Chelsea Handler. A LOT too.

elisabeth said...

I think your hair is uber-cute! And I love Anthropologie as well- I wish they had more (and bigger) sales. I think you know that your regular blog-followers know you aren't just lazy- if they think that then they are clearly in the wrong place and *thrrpt* to them!

Krista said...

I cannot wait to see those movies. I remember seeing even just the trailer for The Blind Side when I went to see Where the Wild Things Are and I was almost crying then! hahaha!

Also that little critter in the video was absolutely adorable!!!!

Annie said...

Thanks Elisabeth! You always say things that make me feel better about life.

And Krista, they are definitely good life choices. I had goosebumps.

Lori said...

Your hair is SO cute and I love the red. I'm wanting to see Blind Side. Now you've just convinced me for good. Can't wait.

Your blog is grate and I love your altitude. :)

Anonymous said...

You did get an award Annie :) Didn't you get the message I sent you? A message didn't go through for someone, and I'm thinking now that it might have been you...

Take a hop over to my blog, and you'll see :)