Monday, February 22, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

I'm still running on a natural high of having the best blog readers/commenters EVER, so it will be tricky to get out all my rants in one go here.  So let me put on my grumpy face and get started! (That sounds absolutely ridiculous, I know).

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  • The mass amount of pain I'm in tonight!
  • Not having any energy!  I don't think I could do much more laying down if I tried.  I'm like a robot where someone pulled out the plug.  *Error 15 - going into sleep*
  • Dragon Age.  It's on my TV all the time.  Is it wrong that even though I don't want Jon to go back to work when the weekend is over, I look forward to not having to watch video games?? 
  • The fact that there is not a magical food pill yet.
  • My flowers are dying...this is why I buy plastic flowers.  I mean I lost my sense of smell anyways, so why not?
  • There is a cyst scab on my chin that I have managed to rip open about 882 times and then proceed to cover in a band-aid and Polysporin.  Can anyone say upcoming infection if I don't cut it out?
  • Boredom.  I mean I am pretty good at keeping myself entertained for how often I spend in this apartment.  Alas, I can hardly pay attention to a book or movie long enough to take in any of it.  If I didn't have the Internet, I would be one depressed girl.
  • Not having any Mocha Cappuccino protein drink in the fridge for tomorrow morning.  That stuff tastes so, so yummy.
  • Stalking my friends' blogs and being sad that they have lives and don't update as often as I do haha.
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Those are all of the problems I can come up with (that are not redundant and health-related!).  What about everyone else?  Anything gear-grinding going on???



dominique said...

1. Taking weeks to get over a simple bug. Hate that.

2. Having to tell my daughter I need to go rest so I have to cut our call short. Really hate that.

3. Laying wide awake at night when I should be sleeping.

4. Walking into a room and then forgetting why I went in there in the first place.

5. Trying to figure out how my shoes ended up in the fridge!

6. Having to cancel on my friend yet again.

Annie said...

Oh Dominique,

I completely relate to all of these things but number 2 breaks my heart a little bit. I hope things start to look up for you soon :)