Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brain Soup

Back to sleeping and pain...alas, it was a decent 5 hour run.

First --> Everyone go check out the 16th Patients For a Moment (PFAM) Blog Carnival over at Oh My Aches and Pains! where my article on Love and Chronic Illness was featured!

I am annoyed though.

Being as I make less than a stellar amount of money, most of the costs get thrown to Jon and my mother.  As a result, we live in a well-priced two-bedroom apartment, just not in the best part of town (although it is PEI, the ghetto here is like sunshine and lollipop land in some areas).

We have a drug dealer upstairs.  As a result we have a TON of foot traffic in the building.  Also a lot of noise, yelling, threats, banging, and the like.  Jon and I went to get groceries the other day and there was VOMIT all over the stairs and floor.  GROSS.  I mean I puke all the time, but at least I am nice enough not to do it on the staircase.

Things are also not to be left in our car, due to the fact that we catch people peering in.  Cops have made multiple visits to the building, and sadly, I even moved from one side over to the other and still have managed to go from living on top of one drug dealer to living below another.  Obviously, we just win at moving.

I am dreaming of the day we save up enough money to get a place of our own!  Anyone else have any neighbour/roommate horror stories??

I watched The Young Victoria yesterday.  It was an interesting period piece of an absolutely fascinating and strong woman.  Plus, it was just candy-coated prettiness!  I recommend for some lazy afternoon/evening.

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I wish I got to dress like this everyday.  I also am feeling regret for chopping off all my hair :(



elisabeth said...

We live below two college-age guys who have the strangest schedule. They are frequently loud between 11 pm and 4 am, but I was home yesterday afternoon and they were loud between 3-5 as well. Since I hear someone moving around at 5-6 am when I get up, I honestly have no idea when they sleep, but we're hugely sleep-deprived because they are obnoxious yahoos who keep all hours. Sadly, our housing managers don't care as long as the rent is paid on time, and their parents pay their rent, so we are getting out as soon as possible. It's gotten intolerable and they couldn't care less about their impact on their neighbours. I am not normally a violent person, but I am sorely tempted to do something drastic to their cars the day we move out... *whistles innocently* (and yes, we have complained to them and the police multiple times- if anything it may have made things worse.)

Reasha said...

We just moved into a place last week, and there is an old womman who lives above us (I know shes old cause she alyaws stares out her window) and she or maybe a grandchild or somthing pounds really annoying techno music till 4am every night. im ready to go up there and rip out the speakers.

Annie said...

Haha, Reasha, the thought of a grandmother blasting techno music til 4 a.m. makes me giggle.

Ugh Elisabeth, those guys sound just as bad as my guy. I hope you get some relief from them soon, as landlords aren't big on doing anything about it!

Ashley said...

I really like your hair! I just wanted to reiterate this as you seem to be freaking out... And I hope you are back to feeling well again very soon!!