Thursday, February 25, 2010

Want Please...

So today I'm flipping through my pictures and thinking of some things I'd kind of like to have:

A) A closet full of nice, vintage dresses.  Even if I could just wear them around the house, they would still look pretty :).
B) Even though I don't dislike my hair, I kind of wish I looked like Jenny Lewis.  Or wrote like Jenny Lewis.  Or really was anything like Jenny Lewis.

C) I had the chance to buy these once at a store on PEI and I've never seen them since.  Kicking myself has ensued from that day forward.  ADORABLE.

D) That is a kind of crazy cool hat.  

E)  I would like a panda that chills out on a rocking horse please.  That would be entertaining.

F) Kinda loving this painting.  Pretty sure it's from Red Velvet Art but not 100% on that.

G) This notebook is 18 levels of fantastic.  I could probably make something similar and might try.  I'd rather just be lazy and buy it though.

H) A pair of my friend Krista Cousins' very fun and striking earrings!  I already own a pair and have always been a huge fan.  She's just getting her site up and running, but check her out at  To read more about her designing process, there is an interview with her at Pink Robots Need Love Too -,

I)  Also, sleep would be good as apparently it's become impossible again!

Images from WeHeartIt - minus the last, from Rosebud Beads.



Lori said...

You have fab-u-lous taste dahling! I'm loving everything you love - especially the panda. :)

Hoping your day is terrific.

Leslie said...

Love the teacups. Someday, we should go shopping. Every time I go to Value Village, I have to remind myself that while collecting bone china would be a fun hobby, I currently do not have the space :(

Toni said...

Great pictures. They really brightened my day. Especially love the hat!

Diana said...

D) Crazy-Cool hats

Ya baby! Work it girl! Work it! Go on with your Crazy-Cool-Self!!!

Annie said...

Thanks everyone!! I'm glad everyone is on the same page as me :P.

And Leslie, of course we can go Value-villaging. I've felt a little better the last couple of days so it is very possible.

dominique said...

I love the tea cups.

Helen said...

Great photos!

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I've been reading through yours - I'm excited to find another Canadian in the chronic illness blogosphere!

Anonymous said...

Annie! Love those earrings, especially the blue ones! I've never heard of Jenny Lewis so I youtubed her, nice music but GREAT hair. I'm thinking of growing my hair to about shoulder length...maybe I'll steal her bangs. What do you think? Hope the rest of your day is good and you can get a nap in.

Joy said...

What a lovely wish list!

krista cousins said...

You are the greatest friend. Here I am reading your current post thinking "Man, this girl is great" and then I decide to see if there was something I missed and there was. So I'm looking at this post and I think "Man, all of this stuff is great. I [also] want those bangs. Oh and those tea cups!" AND THEN! I see my own jewellery sitting there. You're amazing! Thank you so much!

Alison said...

Oooh I also would love a closet full of vintage dresses. I currently have...two. But one is much too big for me since I've lost so much weight due to nausea.

Wearing them around the house would be just fine! When I was at the beginning of the worst of my CFS, and I'd just dropped out of school, the laundry would be piling up and all I'd have left in my closet were my dresses that I considered too nice for everyday wear, so I'd wear them around the apartment in my CFS daze, and I remember writing in my diary I felt like Emily Dickinson haunting my own apartment.

Then when I read Stricken, (collection of essays by people with CFS) I was happy to see Dorothy Wall make a similar comparison in her essay, "I had become a late-20th-century Emily Dickinson imitator, my life enclosed, the world viewed through a bedroom window." She didn't mention the dress, but in the image it's sort of implied :)

Pris said...

I really like vintage. I've started wearing comfy somewhat odd dresses around the house more. There's no need in saving them up for the rare times I can get out. Love vintage hats, too.