Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Needing Advice!

So I'm feeling dilemma-ish and would like some input from my most beloved blog readers.

I see a new doctor on Saturday.  It's a short appointment (only a half hour instead of the regular hour), so I have to be quick with trying to get my point across as I don't have another chance for 3 months.

My general practitioner and main psychiatrist both gave up on looking for any more answers or offering me any more treatment.  I have numerous other specialists, but they are not in this location and unlikely to bother in my quest for assistance.

This is a new psychiatrist - which is good, because they give drugs that work whether this is a physical disorder with mental symptoms or a mental disorder with physical symptoms.

What information do I need to get across to him in order to get any kind of help?!?!
- symptoms
- drugs taken
- the fact that no one can decide what I have and have therefore declared I have a million non-treatable disorders?
- therapy taken
- meditation, healthy eating, and yoga practiced

I need someone to get on some better pain management, and if it doesn't happen what do I do?

Go every single day to the emergency room or clinic and raise a fuss?
Check myself into a psych ward?
Eat an entirely liquid diet from this point forward?
Go look for street drugs?

I'm at a loss and worrying, so any advice on how to present to this doctor would be much appreciated.

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Robyn said...

Isn't that the worst, the whole is this a mainly physical or psychiatric problem? I hate that part of the diagnostic process...

I'm so glad you're going to see someone since you've been so sick lately. Something that's really helped my doc appts to go more smoothly is a kind of patient resume I write up and update occasionally. I got the idea from another patient a long time ago. If you want, I can send you an example on facebook-- it's probably too long to post here.

I hope it goes well! I'm a praying sort, so I'll be praying for you!


Forgetful Girl said...

Whenever I go to see a new doctor I just take in a list of my symptoms, how long they've lasted for, and any medicines I am on and also a list of other doctors/treatments I've seen/been on.

Here's hoping it's a successful appointment!

Doc Truli said...

In addition to the "resume" of symptoms, duration, and treatments (meds, diet, yoga, etc) it helps the doctor to note response to treatment.
Put it in reverse chronological order, so the new doctor is clear about the current situation.
Also, for yourself, what are your top three goals you are hoping to address with this doctor? Of course, there are tons of answers, etc you want, but if you can prioritize, you may see those priorities addressed, instead of only whatever the doctor thinks is important, which may not help you.
Good luck!
-Doc Truli : animal doc ;)
P.S. I found your blog through Aftergadget.com, Sharon's blog.

Anonymous said...

Annie, I had a doctor appointment last Fridey and I was so spacey and out of it, I didn't ask half the stuff I wanted to. She wants me to go see my Neurologist and I can't remember why! I wish I had taken a tape recorder with me. I've done that before and my doctors don't care, have you ever tried that? Anyway, because I can't remember most of what happened I am going to write her a letter with all my questions, she will call me or mail me her answers. I also do the "patient resume". I put every affliction every med, every current doctor and every surgery. A doctor can scan this and not have to ask you a bunch of questions that eat up your time. Do you have enough time to write a letter with all your concerns and questions that you want to discuss with him? Either mail it or drop it off at the office. Then the Doc will be prepared because he knows more about you. I HOPE this doctor can help you out! Keep us posted.

Annie said...

I have something sort of similar to a patient resume, but more like a point form of my medications, symptoms, etc...of the current moment.

Since these things started when I was a child, I have absolutely no recollection of what all has been tried, just a vague notion.

But I really like the idea of narrowing it down to three things I would like them to help with and the tape recorder idea!

You guys are awesome :)

Joy said...

It is SO stressful seeing someone new. You just don't know if they will be a help or a hindrance.
Last time I kept working on it until I had my symptoms, issues and concerns written into about 6 sentences. I told the doctor that I had done this and handed it to him. I think it might have helped a bit, but sadly he wasn't much use after all.
Good luck to you, I hope your appointment is a breakthrough.

Doc Truli said...

How was the appointment?

Annie said...

It's on Saturday but you can be sure I'll let everyone know assuming I don't check right in to a hospital!!

Thanks for checking up on me though.