Monday, February 1, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

It's a new week!

I almost like this blog for the sense that it tells me I've made it through another one. Cheery thought to start the day there.

Anyways now it's time to grump to the world:
  • People questioning my view of the world, especially in regards to the pain in my own body. I feel like I should be the one who knows...and yet when they make me think about it too hard, I lose my footing and feel like crawling in bed until I feel safe in taking a stance again.
  • Headaches. So many headaches.
  • Running out of grey thread for my cross-stitch which came in a package. Seriously, shouldn't they pack a little extra in there for if you ever made a mistake?? Now I need to get someone to go out into the world and find me something similar in color because I have put in too much work to not finish it.
  • Not having enough energy to do anything other than open a can of food and pop it in the microwave.
  • Microwaved food being gross.
  • Being lonely.
  • The fact that I'm pretty sure I live with people selling drugs and the hallway traffic is annoying (I guess I could invite them in and not be lonely anymore!! HA that would be a horrible life choice).
  • The idea of moving. It seems so lovely, and yet like it would be so much work it would simply kill me. Blah.

Now I must be reasonably happy for the week again.

Post any grumpy comments here :P.



Assiya said...

Number one is infuriating!! I guess it's nice not to be alone in that though....

Can I be grumpy about small universities where you can't avoid people? In a similar vein, I am grumpy about people who hurt my friends, especially when they keep existing afterward.

Annie said...

Isn't it though?
I swear I've been told enough that it's all in my head that sometimes I really debate whether or not that is even possible.

You can definitely be grumpy about small universities where you can't avoid people. I went to one too so I know how it goes.

I'm with you on people who hurt your friends. Sometimes it makes me sad about the state of humanity.

Assiya said...

Ach, and then I'm angry at myself for doubting at the same time that I'm doubting! Too much confusion for one head that already hurts! Just accept that I'm in pain and have health problems people or keep your mouth shut and your poker-face on.

Annie said...


Assiya, sometimes I think we have too much in common :P