Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Favorite Moment

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I am going to talk about my favorite moment of my entire life for a minute. 

It might seem a little hippy-esque to some of you, but it is the memory I hold most near and dear to my heart (especially as my bad memories tend to walk all over my good ones as my health tends to ruin most potentially good times).  

It was this past summer.  I was at the beach with my beloved boyfriend Jonathan, and two other friends.  Prince Edward Island is known for its beaches, and this day...with the sun beating down, a light breeze, a bright blue sky, and soft sand between my toes...I knew why.  

My body was behaving reasonably well at this time, although I still don't think I was holding down a job.  Jon and I wandered into the salty cold water, which I find the most healing substance on Earth.  Jon started spinning me around, weightless in the water, and all of a sudden I felt as though I could feel every emotion that a human being could feel all at the same time through the waves - despair, elation, fear, anticipation, etc...  It was overwhelming but magical all at the same time.  The one time I felt truly connected to something - my body, the Earth.  

It probably sounds crazy.  Maybe it is.

Does anyone else want to share a single moment that moved them this much?  Or tell me if I'm losing my marbles?

ALSO:  My post is up at PFAM at Leslie's Blog Getting Closer To Myself.  There are some amazing articles in there!



Leslie said...

Love it.

Great topic, by the way. I'm stealing it, so if you want to know MY favorite moment, you'll have to saunter on over to my blog in the next few days.

Barbara K. said...

I have had three moments that stand out in my memory as a complete joining of mind, body, spirit, and universe. Two happened on a mountaintop and one happened at 80 feet below in the ocean. Now I just need to find ways to have that experience in between mountain top and ocean floor (-:

Diana said...


I can so resonate with your experience here. And I love that you're sharing it with us all. I've been known to become so overwhelmed with the beauty of the beach and the ocean that I get teary eyed just sitting at the water's edge-- it's such a sensory overload experience in ALL the right ways.

Crazy? You are NOT.
Loosing your marbles? NOPE.

Sometimes, the thing I wonder most about you is why it's so hard for you to own your extraordinary beauty...

One day, (and I know that day will come) you are going to retire that "Crazy-marble-loosing" badge you wear for the true essence of who you are. One day, I'm going to visit your blog and find that you've freed yourself of that piss-poor identity and no longer use the word "crazy" as a reference to yourself unless "crazy" is followed by the words "Cool, creative, sexy, wild, brilliant, etc."

You ARE crazy-cool
You ARE crazy-brilliant
You ARE crazy-sexy-sassy-wild-and-lovable-and-brilliant!

Sarah said...

Well said Diana!!! Couldn't agree with you more!!

I love this post!! It put me right at the beach in the sunshine!!

Annie said...

Haha, Diana I love that you put me in my place while complimenting me at the same time :P

I'm trying to lose the label, I really am. I know it doesn't seem like it. It's hard to let something go when people to this day are medicating you for such things, but I am trying. Thank you for making me feel better though :)

You too Sarah :)

My Life Works Today! said...

Well, I would have to say my moment of connection actually occurred in a hospital room. Right after my nephrologist told me I was dying, needed to be put immediately on dialysis and we had to somehow find a way to get me on a transplant list at 7 a.m., I remember beginning to cry the moment he left the room. My crying wasn't about sadness alone -it was a weird combination of things that you mention in your own experience. I didn't stop crying until the next morning at 5 a.m. for my daily blood draw. Again, at 7 a.m., my nephrologist came in and asked me what in the world I did the day before? I told him "Cried, until I couldn't anymore." Long story short, I have my kidneys that function at 100% (as of last December), no pain and my lupus is managed as long as I keep up my cellcept.

My connection was between my self and my immune system, as I finally welcomed the fact that we were in this thing together.

Thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog and your contribution was wonderful, as well. So nice to meet you~

Diana said...


Thank you for your words of agreement!

And Annie, please know that as much as I feel your struggle with people labeling you as crazy I DO also see your desire and efforts to disown that label. I didn't want you to think that I didn't acknowledge the personal work you've been doing on that end.

But in the meantime, consider yourself forwarned...I will likely start addressing you as "Crazy-Cool Annie" or "Crazy-Brilliant Annie" when I post a comment on your blog...just so I can perhaps help in some way to lighten the sting of that "c" word and paint a more true description of what kind-a-crazy you are!

Know that I come and comment only from a place love,


Annie said...

Wow, My Life Works Today! That was a truly incredible story...thank you for sharing!

Also, Diana, I know you comment comment from love, and I know I have a hard time letting go of the label. It's hard when I have gone so many years with it. In a way it's almost endearing to me now (even though I know it's derogatory). I really did appreciate the first post, but thank you for further explaining :)

Joy said...

For me, the trick is to have more and more of these moments!
PS I feel just like you about water!