Friday, February 19, 2010

Love Me Fridays

Wow, either the weeks are going by really fast or really slow and I'm not entirely sure which.  This is the joy of living life in a fog while currently unemployed.
Now it is time for my positive spin on the week:

  • Marathons of Project Runway, inspired by Miss Robyn.  I'm pretty sure I could spend my entire life getting sucked into that show.
  • Watching Taking Woodstock with my lovely friend Sarah.  Dreaming of being a hippy, although I'm pretty sure she already qualifies haha.  Also, her new positive spin on life which is pretty much the best thing ever.
  • Having a doctor's appointment tomorrow - always the chance for hope!
  • Naps.  I've been having a lot of naps this week.
  • Apple juice.  Also, Vanilla Chai.  I've been rocking the beverages instead of food this week.
  • The fact that I got flowers from Jon for Valentine's day and from my friend Leslie, as she loves me even in my sickly state.  I don't think I've ever had this many flowers!
  • Jon is playing Hawksley Workman songs as I write this :)
  • My little sister comes home for a visit next week!!
  • Body butter.  Any kind.  The winter is KILLING my skin.  My poor cuticles need help!
  • Pictures of quotes I like!

Images from WeHeartIt.

What's making everyone else's week this week???



Anonymous said...

Annie....let me think.

My son Dan came home from school for a day. Yay. I love him to bits.

I taught my dog Tootsie a new trick, she can "spin" now.

I made dinner tonight and didn't burn/undercook or ruin it. The Guys ate it...and liked it!

Clean sheets on the bed!


Krista said...

Good luck tomorrow!!!

Lori said...

I LOVE your quotes. Admittedly, sometimes I even steal them. (blush, sigh)

Annie said...

Thanks Maureen, I love when people tell me about the good things in their weeks! It cheers me up!

Thanks Krista for the good luck wish!

And Lori, you are welcome to steal them as I'm just collecting them from other people too :P

Colin S said...

Hey it's Colin just thought you would take comfort in the fact that I use your blog to keep me entertained at work. I really need to find another work wife, Jeff is just not doing it for me. Anyway I really miss haveing you around here, I'll talk to you soon.

Robyn said...

Hey Annie! I like your quotes quite a lot. As for Project Runway, did you see the episode where they dress the little girls and the models too? SO cute. All the little girls keep looking up at the models, doing everything they do... precious.

Good things... My style blog has gained some readers; I put in laundry today and had a yummy meal; my room is halfway clean so that I can clean it and then be productive tomorrow; and my sister is home from college for the weekend. I think we might go see "Percy Jackson," and after last weekend, I'm trying to figure out the most discrete way to pack a heating pad and a neck pillow...:-/

Thanks again for the award, hon... I posted it on my blog today if you want to take a look.

To a life filled with beauty and joy,

PS- My "word verification" today is "wings"-- I think that's appropriate!

Annie said...

Aww thanks Colin, I had no idea you were reading it at all! Hope work is treating you well :)

and Robyn, I'm pretty sure you are the best.

Assiya said...

Love the quotes! I have a word document where I collect them :)
Good things:
*We had a party at my house last night and it was fun and my pain wasn't too bad so I could actually enjoy it.
*The weather is getting warmer.
*I gave my mother The Thirteenth Tale (based on your recommendation) for her birthday and she loves it! Thanks!

Toni said...

I love your quotes, especially the one about music. One of the good things about becoming sick is that I've discovered music again. And it sure does take me right out of my ruminating thoughts! Not that I wouldn't rather be well...(!!!)

Annie said...

!!! more people liking The Thirteenth Tale!

And thank you on the compliments for the quote picking everyone! :)