Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Public Apology

Today I feel like making a public apology.

To anyone and everyone whose situation I have ever thought I understood.  Those who I attempt to understand and give advice for, at least my heart is in the right place.  But throughout my years, there have been people whose motives I thought I could follow, reasons in my mind of why people would do the things that they do.  Sometimes I still get caught up in thinking like that.  I'm sorry for this.

The sheer number of experiences that mold a single human life are enormous.  I mean, half of my own I can't even remember!

I have a love/hate relationship with the human brain.  If I thought I could handle going back to school, it would be all I would want to study.  I'm ashamed at what it has managed to do to me, but also amazed at its limitless power.

Sorry for the weird rant but I've been really reflective.  Shutter Island is an incredible film (far surpassing the novel) and it has been making me think of my brain non-stop.

Also, a special shout-out to the lovely Sarah and Adam for putting up with my hypo-manic ramblings of last night after seeing the movie haha.  I upped my own meds so that would be my bad (sorry mom!!).  Just tired of being epically depressed.

Anyways, I recommend the not squeamish to go take a look at this.  Maybe it will send you off into over-thinking mode like it has with me.



Sarah said...

I love your "hypo-manic" ramblings. I think you are just misunderstood by society. I find you to be relatively "normal", not sure what that says about my own sanity, but I think we are just fine!!!

P.S I love the picture of you from yesterday's post!!

Annie said...

Aww thanks!

I find you and me to be normal too, but people keep telling me otherwise :P.


Leslie said...

Hmmm. Do I fall into the realm of the not squeamish?

Annie said...

Umm...depends. You would probably be upset by the content. Still worth seeing though my friend :)

Diana said...

One of the the many things I appreciate about you most (and your writing) is your willingness to be authetic. And if others are challenged in seeing how normal you are it's undoubtedly because they are unfamiliar with what extraordinary looks like, sounds like, acts like, and feels like.

from one extraordinary woman to another...YOU ROCK!

Annie said...

Thanks so much Diana! Your comment made me feel like 1800 times better :)

Kerry said...

Hi Annie, I 'm glad to finally get to visit your blog and read your writing--which I love because it is raw and introspecitve and wise. I once came to a similar realization--I had always thought I was "non-judgmental" and for a moment I saw places where I had definatley been judgmental....a humbling "aha".

Looking forward to reading more of your writing and thoughts Annie, Kerry

Alison said...

What you say in the first paragraph, I've found that to be the single most important thing you can learn from CFS. Every time I am tempted to judge someone, I think of all the people who wrongly judged me (thinking I was crazy, lazy, etc).