Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sad Face

Skin hypersensitivity sucks.
I can't even wear a sweater without wanting to scream.
Not looking forward to laying in bed.

That is all.


Toni said...

Love your little haiku, Annie.

Sorry about your skin. I've heard of this happening with people who have CFS. (I get night sweats but don't have this problem.) Maybe you could experiment with different types of cloth and see if some are better than others.

Annie said...

Thanks Toni!

Yeah I've been getting it for years and years and nothing will help it other than a lot of sleep. Which is impossible to get when I'm in that much pain. Catch-22 for the win!

I have heard it with CFS too so at least I don't feel like a weirdo. Night sweats I rarely run into though. Hot flashes yes haha.

Robyn said...

Blah I have night sweats all the time. I'm 50 years old on the inside, I swear.

:( I'm sorry your skin is being difficult! I hope you get some sleep/relief sometime soon hon.

Joy said...

Nasty nasty symptom,
Many good wishes to you,
For kindly sleep.

Annie said...

Haha Robyn, I usually go even higher and say 80 years old.

Thank you and Joy for the well wishes though. It usually disappears in the mornings.