Friday, February 5, 2010

Love Me Fridays

It's that time of the week again! Where I rack my brain for things that are inspiring me to go on with this crazy thing called life :).

  • The fact that I may have enough energy tomorrow to start on my inspiration binders again!
  • That I have the most supportive boyfriend/family full of awesome and win.
  • The use of band-aids to prevent picking at my scabs and making them bleed more (as I am moderately insane...)
  • Pretty pictures of places like this where I will likely never get to travel: (I think this is Norway? Source unknown).
  • This pretty dress (also seen on Katy Perry the night of the Grammy awards).
  • This absolutely MIND-BLOWING novel. Atmosphere, story, setting, characters...all perfect. In my top five of all time (which is a big statement as I am a big reader).
  • The hilarity of this movie. I did not expect much from it and it made me laugh more than anything else all week. It was a rather depressing week and much needed.
  • The Chanel 2010 Spring line - So, so dreamy. I could look at these photos all day (who am I kidding, I probably will!).
  • And my last paycheck that I will be receiving for a good long time comes today courtesy of the two week lapse in pay from the former place of employment.
What is making anyone else's life better this week?



A. McLellan said...

The fact that this is Friday is enough to make my week. It felt like it tok 23, 986 years to get here. Other than that, well... Vanilla Roiboos Tea Lattes always make my week/ day better.

Amanda said...

Liked this alot! Also, Andrea the PEI Lit awards are coming up-you should submit something in the personal category. I really think you could win and first prize in 500 bucks!

I love your blogroll too. totally inspired(sic?) to start one.

Amanda said...

Oh! And wine being on sale, new red shoes,my instant camera, and a good long run at the gym have made my week better.

Annie said...

Awesome, I am getting glimpses into other people's lives! The stalker in me lives for this stuff.

Also I would have to write something long for the PEI Lit Awards and then pay money to submit it. Not that it is a bad idea. I am actually debating it. Hrmmmm

elisabeth said...

pretty band-aids are awesome! I think we have a little too much in common- I'm ever-so-slightly OCD and bumps and scabs are a trigger for me, heh.

I am having trouble coming up with awesome things. My hubby for getting up early so I go in to work while my car is in the shop is definitely one. A yummy lunch (even if it is not sitting well). Knowing that there are two needy kitties waiting for me at home. Good friends who commiserate and cheer me up. Hey, that's not a half-bad list! ooh! And new medication that seems to work- always a plus. :}


Leslie said...

Driving a car! I've missed it. And scoring cheap grad photos because my roomies are talented biotches! And being told that my vday gift is a hair coloring which I so desperately need! (Extension: also that Mass Effect 2 can count as a vday gift to him! Goodbye, sleepless nights of wondering what's an appropriate gift!)

Annie said...

Haha Elisabeth, for someone who was worried about coming up with a list you did a pretty good job!! Also, I am jealous you have kitties to cuddle :)

Leslie, don't tip Jon off that Mass Effect 2 can count as a Valentine's present or I'll never hear the end of it!! :P

Assiya said...

Oh! Yay! I love me some love me fridays :)
Some good things: the class I was worried about for today went fabulous and I met great new people! My migraine decreased over the day! I get to see my brother and parents tomorrow! I have fabulous friends! Life seems pretty full of possibilities right now! My basically TAB roommate is full of win at understanding when I explain to her how disableism from my other friends gets me down. Life is just quite nice right now I guess!

Anonymous said...

1. I was happy to read you today Annie!
2. I have been watching a beautiful snowfall most of the day. I feel like I am in a snowglobe.
3. I got all the laundry done!
4. I made dinner and the Guys actually liked it, if I haven't mentioned it I am a horrible cook.
5. I have a bottle of wine on ice for later...maybe I'll get a little "cuddle-time" with the Hubs.
6. I didn't need a nap today
7. I didn't spend all day in the bathroom!

Pretty good Friday huh?

Annie said...

Yay Maureen!

That all sounds awesome :).

I'm so glad things are going well for everyone else!!


Leigh-Ann said...

thanks for the comment Annie :)

I'm proud of you for focusing on the good things, its might be hard but it will give you lots of strength and eventually become more natural :) Keep it up and look for something good everyday :)


Annie said...

Thanks Leigh-Ann!
I was so giddy that you wrote back that it was almost like a rockstar blogger visited haha.